Wednesday, 9 April 2014

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Hello All,

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Monday, 10 March 2014

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Good day :)

Friday, 7 March 2014

#New Game - Driving Skills (A Game Made In 14 Days)

One day, I have decided to make a game in 14 days (2 weeks) from scratch to user-end product.

The Game

Tasks Outlined

  • Create an idea
  • Create a funny character
  • Outsource %90 of 3D Models (Do not spend time for 3D models)
  • Script almost everything yourself
  • Prepare menu, graphics, icons, screenshots yourself
  • Aim for really high quality
  • Create easy controls


  • $70 - All the 3D models (From Vertigo Games)
  • Nothing else...


  • Only 14 days spent from creating idea to user-end product
  • Nothing else...


A lovely project, completed extremely quick and nicely. No errors or crashes known, nothing really. User-friendly interface and game play.


Enjoy :)

Friday, 7 February 2014

#New Game - Racing Edge Fun 3D (The Story Behind)

My new game finally is here, it is an endless adventure with unlimited fun on the road. The game is for Android and iOS mobile platforms. Lets watch the promo video, then talk about the game production.


App Store: Click Here For Install Link
(Thanks for your support, ratings and comments)


It is about a driver who drives endlessly around edges of mountains by beating many obstacles and completing different kind of objectives. Driver will gain special power ups and talents on his journey to the end. It is so much fun 


I will be honest this game has incredibly super-low budget, I did most of scripting and modelling my self.

$60 for Edy's Vehicle Physics (All Credits Given)
$50 for main game icon and couple of graphics that I needed most
$40 for musics and sound effects
Couple of free models from Unity asset store and Blendswap (All Credits Given)
Rest of scripting (except some plugins), models, menus, graphics, designs made by me.

As you can see this game cost me only $150 at all. It is insanely low budget for a nice game.


This game took around 1 month for all scripting and modelling, and another 1 month for graphics, testing, plugins and preparing for final production. I could have finished the project in 1,5 month total. But I had to get a couple of long breaks, so it was kinda delayed.


This was no ordinary endless runner or plat-former. The first challenge that I encounter was how to connect curved platforms on the go. Normal endless games has fixed sized block, you can easily add and destroy on the go, but this was not a case with me.

I used Blender3D for all the modes. Creating platforms was an quite an easy task, I made around 40 platform blocks in 3-4 hours. 

The method I used;
  1. Create a fixed size block
  2. Loop and cut around 40 times (Not so much, aim for low poly but bendable enough shape)
  3. Create a bezier curve
  4. Connect block to bezier curve
  5. Save as template (Do this once)
  6. Use template and play with curve to give different kind of curves for each platform block
Quite and easy task it was, I also created two special planes on the end and start position of the block, I connected the main block end vertices this two planes on both side. I was able to identify end and start position of block. Then, it was easy to add new block on the go.

Then it comes to rest of models, It was just a pure imagination and fun, I aimed low poly models, also deleted unseen vertices on the bottom and back side of models, it became even lower poly models. 

(One of the background block)

(Turret obstacle)

(Rarely seen UFO)

Then it came to textures, I was quite skilled with the photoshop (licensed product), All I did was using couple of brushes and filters but results was amazing, and looked really nice on the game play.

For example, the road of canyon dessert.

Scripting was also challenge, I never did a endless platform game before. I was much more into puzzle games. 
  • I used pooling system for game 
  • I created managers to handle each part of gameplay (PlatformManager, GameItemManager, ObstacleManager, PlayerManager, BackgroundManager, etc...)
  • The game heavily depends ons singletons, deletages and events.
  • Developed on the standars of OOP and Design Patterns
  • I created a easy to use database


The game was created by Unity3D, a good game engine, but not awesome. Unity has very easy to use editor, everything was quite fast, and it supports C#, an OOP language which I love, it made my life much easier.

The problem was; Unity Editor crashes a lot, and you can lose many things that you made before crashes. Moreover, mobile device performance quite not there yet. It needs to be improved. I will also mention physics in this editor, not %100 satisfying. I had many penetration problem with the game. I still do have problems like two objects stuck each other. 


This was a nice project, done easily and quickly, I hope you can get some nice information and tips from this article. If you like my articles, you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy good day ;)

Saturday, 25 January 2014

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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

#News - Mobile Platformer - Mountatin Edge Climber Prototype, (Beta Version) - (Android / iOS)

First visual prototype of my game :),  Unfortunately, I dont get the work all time on this project due to my other tasks. But this is fun game, very addictive. I aim to complete it soon.

Development Time: 1,5 months
Game Engine: Unity3D
Category: Platformer
Platform: Android/iOS
Expected Release Date: January 2014

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tutorial 01 - Optimize Unity3D Game For Mobile Platforms (Android / iOS / Windows Phone)

Optimizing a game for mobile platforms are extremely important task. You may have nice graphics, nice gameplay and nice features, but if the game is not optimized enough, a glitchy game play, with lags, hiccups may ruin everything. All of these tiny issues will lead to low ratings and bad comments.

I have been working on Unity3D for a long time, in here I will make a list for all optimization tips for all mobile platforms (Android, iOS, WindowsPhone) and I will update regularly in future.